The drinking game that last forever


Rule #1


                           Infinite Game

Once you decide to play, you are in the game indefinitely.

Rule #4

           Penalty for False Accusations

If the person who called out someone for an unmarked drink is wrong, they must drink 3 sips.

Rule #2

                        Marking Drinks

To avoid downing your drink, you must mark it with something that didn't originally come with the drink. Examples include stickers, removing labels, or altering can tabs.


Rule #5

            No Removing Others' Marks

You cannot remove someone else's mark intentionally.

Rule #3

                             Calling Out

If someone notices an unmarked drink, they can call out "Game of Life" to that person.

Rule #6

                       Re-Marking Drinks

If a mark falls off, it's fair game to call out the drink again.

Rule #7

                           Alcohol Limit

The game applies only to alcoholic drinks with a limit of 13% alcohol, called the "kir-limit."

Rule #8

       Immediate Drink When Called Out

If you are called out, you must down your drink right away. You can't do anything else until you've finished it.

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